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Lucky at Cards (Hard Case Crime #28) Lawrence Block

Lucky at Cards (Hard Case Crime #28)

Lawrence Block

Kindle Edition
146 pages
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 About the Book 

On the mend after getting run out of Chicago, professional cardsharp Bill Maynard is hungry for some action—but not nearly as hungry as Joyce Rogers, the tantalizing wife of Bill’s latest mark. Together they hatch an ingenious scheme to get rid of her husband. But in life as in poker, the other player sometimes has an ace up his sleeve...And the author says:I read this while reformatting it for Kindle, and have to say its as good as any of my work of the period. I published it with Beacon because Id split with my then-agent and needed a quick sale, and used a pen name because it was with Beacon. It really should have come out under my name from Gold Medal. Oh well. Not the only bad decision I made back in the day.The book probably owes a little to The Tooth & The Nail, by Bill S. Ballinger, a fine writer whos pretty much forgotten these days.